Allotments are plots of land that are made available for individual, non professional gardening.

Allotments have lots of benefits, including:

  • Community: better quality of urban life.
  • Environment: conservation of biotopes.
  • Families: meaningful leisure activity teaching children where food comes from and how it is grown.
  • Green Issues: self sufficiency.
  • Sense of achievement: grow tasty, organic food on your doorstep.

Allbrook and North Boyatt Parish Council manages two allotment sites:


Broomhill allotment site is a 105 plot sites and is situated off Broomhill Way, Allbrook.

Facilities: Water, Electricity, Toilets and Communal Store.

Plot Size: 5 rods (1 rod = 25.29 metres)

Lincoln's Rise

Lincoln's Rise allotment site is a 11 plot site and is situated off Lincoln's Rise, Allbrook.

Facilities: Water and Toilet.

Plot Size: 5 rods (1 rod = 25.29 metres)

How do I apply for a Allotment Plot?

To apply for an allotment plot, please fill in this form and submit it to the Parish Council or email the Allotment Officer at

Waiting Lists for the Allotment Sites

Please note there is currently a waiting list for both allotment sites.